Maple Glen, Vermont's Best Kept Secret     
         Maple Glen : Vermont's best kept secret.

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Update 30/05/2010  Maple Glen will be closed to the public until further notice as we re-engineer the water and wastewater requirements at the club.

 Update 04/07/2009: Pool Pavillion installed. Click here to view

 Update 30/07/2008: A golf driving range is now available across the pond from the RV site,  Click here to view

Update 17/06/2008: The breakfast deck has now been installed adjacent to the clubhouse and the pool is now heated.

Update 25/09/2007:   The Moose is Loose!  Click here to see a new early morning visitor to Maple Glen

Update 12/05/2007: A wireless internet hot spot has been created at the clubhouse.

Update 25/07/2006: Seven new drive-through RV sites opened opposite the lake, each with electricity, water and a septic connection.   Click here to view pictures of the project

 Friendly  -   Serene  -   Peaceful  -   Laidback

 These are the words that are most often used to express the relaxing atmosphere that prevails at Maple Glen. Acres of beautifully landscaped hillside sunning lawns that beckons to be used by the sun worshipers.

 Maple Glen is a club where families can enjoy the nudist lifestyle together and where children can play in a healthy safe and secure environment.

 The vastness of the 300 acres site with open and forested areas is a contributing factor to this relaxing environment. Watch the beavers build a dam at the pond or the ducks raising their young. There are quiet secluded areas where one can loose themselves in nature while other areas are more animated with social activities.

 Maple Glen strives to provide its members and guests with the best clothes free camping and recreational experience possible in a friendly warm and peaceful setting.

 Maple Glen, where your skin is the only clothing you need!

 Call 1 802 933 2274 for further details                                              

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